About Us

Health and Safety

Dirtworks is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all our workers, visitors, and any person working in our premises or place of work.

Dirtworks promotes a proactive and positive safety culture where everyone works together to ensure our workplace is safe, and our people are happy and healthy.

We use PeopleSafe, a cloud-based safety management system, to manage our health and safety in the workplace.

Workplace Safety

To achieve workplace safety we ensure:

  • Competency: Dirtworks is a SiteSafe member and is certified with Sitewise Green. A portion of our operators, mechanics and drivers are certified with “ConstructSafe” – a national competency scheme. We have ongoing staff training ensuring our employees have the necessary skills to work safely.

  • Accountability: Everyone is encouraged to take personal responsibility and to speak up for the safety of themselves and the team.

  • Empowerment: Everyone’s contribution is valued, and everyone can make a difference.

  • Participation: Employees can use PeopleSafe to tell their story. Employees can identify risks, report incidents, celebrate successes and have shared conversations.

  • Continuous improvement: We actively learn from our experiences and strive for continual improvement. We are constantly feeding-forward and feeding-back information and learnings to our Employees, ensuring they have the knowledge and awareness to work safely.  

  • Support: Our employees are supported by our management team in championing workplace safety.

  • Compliance: We regularly review and update our policies, procedures and plans for adherence to legislation and the ongoing safety of our people.