About us


We are committed to growing and developing our business in sustainable ways.

We seek knowledge and understanding of how our operations affect the environment and strive to minimise our environmental impact.

What We Are doing


We aim to protect and enhance ecology at our sites with over 1.5km of stream restoration and riparian planting being completed.

Tree planting

The following has been achieved to date:

  • 6.9ha of wetlands have been restored and re-planted.
  • Over 21.7ha of native bush has been re-planted and covenanted with
    another 5ha of bush to be planted this winter 2023.

By the end of this project 37.2ha will have been planted with over 180,000 plants – that’s around 63 football fields!


Our sites are subject to archaeological survey. We have 5 historic features on our land. Of greatest significance is a Pa site, and other features include pits and terraces. We have taken steps to protect our historic features, including the covenanting of the Pa site and securing the historic areas with fencing. Through consultation with iwi, we’ve also provided access to the Pa site.


We ensure our discharges to air, land and water are managed to the highest possible standard and follow industry best practice.


We are committed to waste reduction and recycling where practicable. We use recycled products where possible, such as crushed concrete to replace aggregates.


We apply our expertise daily to improve the value and usability of our clients’ land.

Social Partnerships

At our site in Waimauku we operate an outdoor youth adventure camp which is used by various local groups to challenge and stimulate young people. We are also proud to support the work of the following organisations in our community:

  • Kaiārahi Trust
  • Asian Outreach New Zealand
  • Life Church
  • Gospel for Asia
  • Potters House
  • Kaiwaka Revival Church
  • Parakai School
  • Burn Support Group
  • Kidney Kids