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10 April 2023

Keeping everyone in the loop on our fleet project work, we are nearing the end of “tidying up” the fleet that our customers and the public see daily.

These photos show the latest refurbishment work carried out. This trailer, 4195B, is 28 years old this year and Craig has carried out a fantastic job over the last week making this trailer look significantly younger and sharper.

Signage will be applied tomorrow, and once a new COF is achieved the trailer will be back on the road.

A thank you also to Chris our engineer for the headboard alterations.

8 March 2024

It was time for our 2011 Western Star to move onto new pastures so we looked at our replacement options out there to tow the large 5-axle trailer partnered at the time with the Western Star.

After some searching, we partnered again with our supplier Keith Andrews (stockists to FUSO, Mercedes and Freightliner) – who presented us with the option of a Freightliner. Bolstered with a 560hp detriot engine, 18 speed road ranger gearbox and with a near matching steel bin the offer was too good to pass up on. Fast forward a few weeks and the 2024 Freightliner Coronado has hit the road.

With this addition we have now invested in our 4th new truck within the last 9 months, with no sight of slowing down. This will provide us much better returns for the next few years, reduce our fuel burn, and improve driver comfort and fatigue. Along with the new branding which has improved our presence to our customers and the public.

15 February 2024

Here we go again, our third Fuso 510 has entered the fleet. The feedback from our drivers and mechanics regarding the first two Fuso 510’s has been very positive. The torque from the engines has been a noticeable change, allowing smoother driving habits when we hit hills or inclines, especially when loaded to legal capacity of circa 45T.

We still have a few older trucks to move on which should bring in the next batch of new vehicles. Plans are to have 10 trucks less than a year old by the end of 2024.

17 Janary 2024

Dirtworks Fleet Upgrade Sale!

6 x Late Model Hino 700s available to choose from

Dirtworks is upgrading its fleet and is taking expressions of interest on the following units.

1 x 2018 Hino 700 6×4 with steel bin. 480 HP. 309,000 km. Auto. $190,000 + GST. LHW327

1 x 2017 Hino 700 6×4 with steel bin. 480HP. 297,500km. Auto. $190,000 + GST. KWL525

1 x 2017 Hino 700 6×4 with steel bin. 480HP. 376,500km. Auto. $180,000 + GST. KNP700

1 x 2017 Hino 700 6×4 with steel bin. 480HP. 472,000km. Manual RR. $175,000 + GST. KAQ375

1 x 2017 Hino 700 6×4 with steel bin. 440HP. KM TBC. Manual RR. $170,000 + GST. KWD345

1 x 2014 Hino 700 8×4 with alloy bin. 450HP. 423,500km. Manual RR. $135,000 + GST. HQU450

Kms subject to change as all units are currently in work.

All units have a kiwi tarp, RT, beacon, E-Road and will be sold with a current COF, Registration and RUC.

Collection date must be agreed on by both parties prior to sale.

The trucks are based in Whenuapai Auckland. Viewings and test drives are welcome (STRICTLY by appointment only) between Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm (NO weekends).

Please questions or expression of interest please call Jono on 027 532 0277 or email jono@dirtworks.co.nz

2 November 2023

Introducing the new look to our truck cabs, it was time to add some creativity and create a standout livery… beyond happy with the outcome! 

DIRT02 is the first cab off the rank, we will now proceed with retrofitting the fleet in the new look. 🙂 #prideofthefleet

11 October 2023

QES875 becomes DIRT02!  

The second new truck within a few months has arrived. Soon the unit will head in for painting and key items required for its maiden voyage.

We are looking to continue with improving our fleet for our customers, and also for our staff. The evolving safety features along with improved levels of comfort are a key driver for us and the team.

10 October 2023

Here at Dirtworks we are investing in our fleet, taking pride in our trucks that are out on the road servicing our customers. 

This trailer is the latest to come out of the paint bay after having a mini birthday.

2 August 2023

Following an 18-month period of increasing our truck and trailer fleet by over 60%, it was time to look at what kind of fleet we wanted to present over the next 3 years.

Our current fleet was a mix of Hino and DAF, both providing their benefits out in the field. The 6-wheeler Hino’s in the fleet are coming up to 5-6 years young, a good time to make way for some newer variants. We completed our research in the market comparing brands and models. What stood out to us with the Fuso was the new flagship model sporting a 510hp engine. In the coming years we will look to add 5-axle trailers where appropriate, so knowing we have the trucks capable of pulling such weights is imperative. Alongside the engine specification we wanted a unit that was economical and sustainable, and it doesn’t hurt that the truck looks fantastic!!

Plans are already in motion to add a second unit in the coming months, and hopefully a third into the start of 2024.

14 June 2022

Two recent additions to the fleet! Our Fuso getting a well deserved clean and the second Dirtworks DAF being branded ready to enter the fleet.

26 October 2021

A first for Dirtworks! Our new 5 Axle trailer, capable of an improved payload, aligning with our focus for greater productivity and utilisation of our Truck & Trailer fleet. Soon we hope to add more of these to our current fleet.

20 October 2021

Our new Mitsubishi tractor unit with fresh decals and almost ready to hit the road.

Replacing the older variant!